👋 Hi, welcome to my blog.

I am a software developer and researcher currently completing my Masters in Computer Science (AI Track) from Binghamton University. My expertise include autonomous navigation systems in drones, computer vision, and machine learning.

My current research involves optimizing edge-based SLAM techniques and tailoring them for deployment on small drones with limited compute power.

I am searching for software development and machine learning engineer positions. If you have an opportunity for me, please reach out via LinkedIn or Email.

Recent posts

Crash Course: AWS Certified Data Engineer

I am planning on getting the AWS Certified Data Engineer certification. This post is a collection of my notes I plan on taking throughout my preparation journey. Feel free to use this resource for your own preparation. This is a work in progress so check back soon for further additions to the content. DISCLAIMER: The layout of these notes and the ordering of the content is strictly based on the official study guide provided by AWS, which is an excellent resource and I highly recommend checking it out....

Jun 26, 2024  |  3 mins  |  434 words

Guide: Setting Up External Storage for Docker on Nvidia Jetson

While working on my research project, I ran out of space on my Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier due to docker containers and limited space on the Jetson. With no choice but to use external storage, I spent almost an entire day trying to figure out how to mount an SD Card and configure Docker to use that storage. This blog post if for those in a similar situation. Preliminary Setup My development environment is based on the following:...

Jan 5, 2024  |  3 mins  |  513 words

Cosine-Beta Schedule for Denoising Diffusion Models

Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models (DDPMs) are quickly taking over the world, especially since Dall-E 2 and Midjounery came out. It is quite interesting how powerful they are considering they are based on Markov Chains which were introduced all the way back in 1906. Diffusion models are based on a forward process and a backward process. In the forward process, noise is added to the dataset in incremental steps through a Gaussian distribution....

Dec 29, 2023  |  4 mins  |  783 words